Bulgarian passport bloodshed

Bulgarian citizenship applications – more rejections than approvals in 2021?

Bulgarian citizenship applications are now massively rejected on all levels. The authorities in Bulgaria tend to think that the amount of approved citizenship applications has been too high already. And obviously, they are doing everything they can to rectify this.

Even the slightest formal issue in the application will most certainly immediately result in rejection. It seems that no nationality is spared from the government axe that cuts through many’s hopes and dreams to become EU citizens. Americans and Russians, Chinese and South Africans, Australians and North Macedonians – they all fall victims of the almighty Bulgarian authorities.

So what can you do if you really want to have your citizenship application approved? And what can you do if your application has already been rejected? Probably worst of all, what if your Bulgarian citizenship application is stuck and you don’t have any feedback, neither from the authorities nor from your agent?

The importance of [ultra] legal compliance

First of all, forget about any dodgy schemes you may be offered. Bulgarian origin without Bulgarian roots will definitely not work. No matter how hard the scammers will try to convince you that it is legal, because “all Ukrainians/Macedonians/Russians are Bulgarians”, it is not. Unless you want to serve some time in Bulgarian state facility, stay away from any such offerings.

Address in Bulgaria

But even if you are really entitled for Bulgarian citizenship, there are many things you should never think of doing. Using a dodgy address to prove to the authorities that you have residence in Bulgaria will be the end of the game. Always use reputable address facility through trusted party.

Translation and legalization of documents

If you thought that translation and legalization of your documents is yet “another stupid formality” – think again. In fact, this is one of the most crucial steps of the citizenship application. In our bureaucratic times, better be compliant to the extreme. Always use the services of agents who know what they are doing.

Translation doesn’t only need be accurate or done by professional translator. If you think that finding cheap translation company on the internet will do the job, think again. Read more about translation and legalization to avoid huge disappointments if you underestimate the importance of this stage of your application.

Yoana Dobrinova Bulgarian passport

The Bulgarian citizenship and passport has become one of the most wanted Bulgarian “asset” in the last years. As demand overshadows supply manifold now, the value of the Bulgarian citizenship skyrocketed.

And the more valuable, the harder it is now to get the powerful Bulgarian passport. And the harder it is to get hold of it, the higher its value…

Your “agent” – be careful who you are dealing with

Just type in “Bulgarian citizenship” in Google and you will be bombarded with all kind of offerings and “not to be missed golden opportunities”. From our experience, more than 95% of those are blatant scams.

But if you are lucky and find an “agent” with noble intentions, chances are that you will again fall in the trap of being assisted by an unprofessional or unethical “agent”. The authorities in Bulgaria know very well who the real players in the legal citizenship services are. And the officials trust these few organizations, as they put their names behind the clients’ applications. In other words, the authorities are much more likely to approve an application that is submitted by a trusted company, than one that is presented by an unknown “agent” or even worse, one with questionable reputation.

Exotic citizenship schemes

Especially when it comes to “Citizenship by Investment”, there are few known (to the authorities too) “agents” who are aggressively marketing certain financial arrangements that deviate from the official investment program. You will be of course convinced that these “schemes” are completely legal. And as a matter of fact, they may be, to a certain extend. But “certain extend” is not good enough for Bulgarian citizenship anymore. So when your application is rejected, don’t put the blame on the Bulgarian national security services only.

the road to Bulgarian citizenship

What to do to increase your chances of getting Bulgarian citizenship

We don’t want to sound overconfident, but bearing in mind the amount of applications we process, we can say with certainty that complying with the bureaucracy on your own is not feasible.

Please contact us asap if you have picked the wrong “agent” already and your application has been denied or put to a dead end. We will be most probably able to bring you back on the right track, but timing is essential.

If you are still researching who to commission to be doing the job for you, use common sense. Picking the wrong “agent” can cost you dearly. Not only you may be deprived of your money, but certain non compliance can lead to penal responsibility in Bulgaria. This is something you would want to avoid at all cost. In such case, the rejection of your Bulgarian citizenship application will be your least concern.


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