The second covid wave is striking throughout Europe. Bulgaria is taking new measures from November 27th, in order to limit the number of new cases. At the same time, the number of immigration issues in Bulgaria is also on the rise. There are more and more people concerned about their legal status in Bulgaria, many due to the covid travel restrictions.

Both online and face-to-face consultations possible

Starting from today, 26.11.2020, we will allocate 65% of our consultation slots for online consultations. Offline consultations in our offices will be also provided, as until now.

All clients who have already scheduled online consultations will be informed if their consultation is to be re-scheduled.

If you want to book online legal immigration consultation

If you want to book online consultation, please contact us asap using the online consultation request form.

Online consultations are intended primarily for clients with the following queries:

  • Immigration visa D, how to obtain;
  • Visiting and staying in Bulgaria during the pandemic situation;
  • Prolongation of Bulgarian visa and visa-free stay due to the covid-19 pandemic situation;
  • Long term and permanent residence in Bulgaria, how to obtain and prolong;
  • Bulgarian citizenship – how to apply.


  1. I am interested to migrate into your country Bulgaria

    1. Author

      If you believe you can qualify for legal immigration, please contact our offices for further assistance.

  2. Kindly need your expert advice on how to get PR or Longterm visa so i can freely move to any European country. Thanks

    1. Author

      Our lawyers will contact you shortly for more details.

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