Knowledge is important, especially in the legal field of immigration. The immigration procedures in the EU and in Bulgaria in particular are complicated. Failure to comply with the different codes can have devastating consequences.

Please fill in the form below if you want to obtain professional legal consultation on immigration related issues in Bulgaria.

This form is to request online consultation on legal immigration issues in Bulgaria (ie visa, residence permit, citizenship). The legal fee and available dates will be communicated to you after receiving this form and evaluating the complexity of your legal issue. С натискането на бутона „Изпращане (Submit)“ по-долу, вие се съгласявате, че можем да обработваме цялата ви лична информация, IP адрес, тип операционна система, тип браузър, уебсайт, който преглеждате, страници, които сте разглеждали, датите / часовете, когато сте влизали в уебсайта и т.н. Може също така да събираме информация за действия, които предприемате, когато използвате нашия уебсайт, като посетени връзки и др. By clicking the "Submit" button below, you agree that we may process all your personal information, IP address, operating system type, browser type, referring website, pages you viewed, the dates/times when you accessed the website, etc. We may also collect information about actions you take when using our website, such as links clicked, etc.


  1. We are Kathmandu Nepal based consultancy working for 2004 in the Gulf countries successfully And would like to promote our Humen Resourse business in the European countries so we came close your respective country Bulgaria.We have categories of workers trained from third countries And they wish to more development country to enhance their potential.
    So we are keen to connect with your company in order to supply our honest And hardworking manpower under your kind control.
    we kook forward to hearing your favourable response in this subjects.
    Sincerely your
    prasad Rai
    Misst Mark Consultancy

  2. hi
    I submit my request
    hope you get my question
    waiting for your reply
    Best wishes and regards
    raja mehmood

    1. Author

      We have replied to your email already.

  3. My name is Amira Suleman Ihave six childern 2boys and 4girls and Iam from Eritrea my huspand is in the prison and lhave 6childern. Iam Eritrean

    1. Author

      We understand your difficulties and hardship, but how can we exactly assist you?

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