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More and more Ukrainian citizens are contacting us for urgent immigration assistance in Bulgaria

Immigration visa, residence permit and humanitarian status as refugee. These are the most urgent issues Ukrainians need to deal with.

Translation and legalization of documents

Legalization of documents is another issue that Ukrainians are currently facing in Bulgaria. Although the EU is publicly airing its support for the Ukrainian refugees, the EU bureaucracy is horrendous.

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Unfortunately, the above is more valid than ever. Legal compliance is a must in Bulgaria. Without adequate legal backing, the distressed refugees are risking to be treated on the same footing as economic immigrants.

No legal amendments to benefit Ukrainians

As there are no amendments in the foreigner’s law to specifically benefit Ukrainian citizens, the procedures are (still) complicated. Immigration to Bulgaria is more difficult than it may seem. Obtaining legal status in the country is far from guaranteed.

For urgent assistance

For immediate professional assistance, please contact us asap. We provide services in both Russian and Ukrainian when needed.

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