Due to the outbreak of the covid-19 and the imposed travel restrictions, our lawyers plans for the second half of 2020 have changed. Under condition that the travel restrictions will be lifted, an updated schedule will apply. It is already published at https://blog.bglaw.eu/our-agenda-for-2020/

All Gold Club members will be notified via their personal managers. Clients who have already booked meetings according to the old schedule will be contacted personally too. All clients who haven’t yet booked are kindly requested to contact us if they want to attend personal meeting or get access to the seminar venues.

Only the meetings in Dubai, Nigeria, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Hong Kong, Qatar and Switzerland will be affected.



  1. From what am reading above it goes to show how your firm is committed with regards to your legal services for clients interested to apply for the Bulgarian CBI via your office in Sofia. My questions are simple: 1) How can new clients in countries not mentioned above be assisted if they are willing to cater for first-class/Premier-class flying and 5 Star hotel accommodation for your visiting lawyers, 2) What is the cost of enrolling as a gold member to access all the benefits mentioned on the page link above? 3) In this age of covid19 onslaught, How or what does a new Bulgaria CBI interested applicant need to do to get a fastened processing of the citizenship application.4) Finally, can an applicant get the residence permit without visiting Bulgaria after renting a house remotely in Bulgaria giving the restrictions on travel into Europe by the EU, by this I want to know if the embassy of Bulgaria will step up from visa issuijg and be given more role to do the biometric capture of the client ? If you can’t answer any of the question here in the open, pls send it in my email inbox. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hello Nellis,
      1. The agenda you are looking at is aimed at clients in cities where we have many customers. At the same time, we are constantly visiting our gold members for a face-to-face private meetings around the world.
      2. Becoming gold member is by invitation only and is not directly related to invested amount or subscription fees to be paid.

      Membership is not reserved for the richonly. Clients with good track record with our group of companies are considered for invitation too.

      3. The covid-19 has affected the Bulgarian CBI applications only for as far as there were some general travel restrictions imposed, which are now being gradually lifted. All our clients are proceeding with their applications as during the pre-covid19 times,

      4. The clients are getting immigration visa D without the need to visit Bulgaria. The residency permit card however needs to be picked up personally from the authorities in Bulgaria.

      If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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