Is it true that 99% of all Bulgarian citizenship applications are rejected in 2020?

No, if you know what you are doing (but you don’t).

Yes, if you apply yourself.

Bulgarian citizenship approval – harder than ever

Unfortunately, the Bulgarian authorities are not making it easy for the citizenship candidates. Currently, since the start of 2020, it is virtually impossible to get approved for Bulgarian citizenship without professional legal support. We find this very unfortunate and unfair. We have seen hundreds or rejected applications only in the last couple of months. People come to our offices after being devastated by the actions of the Citizenship Council. Rejections all over across the board. Sorry folks, EU citizenship becomes too precious to be given away.

What to do if your Bulgarian citizenship application has been rejected?

We don’t want to be overweening, but (in cooperation with is the only company capable of dealing with the arrogance of the authorities. Whether administratively, through formal complaints or legally through court appeal, we believe to be in position to solve even the most difficult cases. At the same time, please don’t expect to pay the fees that are charged by a regular “one man show” lawyer in downtown Sofia. We are solving serious problems and we are proud of what we are doing.

If your Bulgarian citizenship has been rejected (basically this applies to everyone who has applied in 2020) and you want it approved, get in touch with us. Most probably we are your last and your only chance to become EU citizen.

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