The rejection rate of the applications for Bulgarian citizenship by origin seems to have skyrocketed in 2020. Why is that and how can you avoid it? Please read further for more details.

We help

Yes, that’s precisely what we do. We help people solve their immigration formalities and settle legally in Bulgaria and the EU.

And in many cases, we change people’s lives. When couples are separated and can’t live together, we come to the rescue! When children are denied the right to live with (both) their parents, just because one of them is a foreigner, we help! And when we succeed, we feel like we have done the right thing. Because, we believe that everyone deserves freedom!

Not always easy

Many times, logic and law don’t match. In other cases, people come to us too late. But we always try hard.

The legislation of the EU to the rescue

In many cases, the Bulgarian laws are just not fair enough. Then we refer to the EU legislation to solve our clients’ problems. We cut no corners when it comes to arranging immigration visas, residency permits or Bulgarian citizenship.

ALERT: Bulgarian citizenship by origin – rejections across the board!

VD&A assistant lawyer

During the last few months we have been confronted with enormous amount of customers who have been rejected Bulgarian citizen by origin. To our surprise, the majority of these rejections seemed to be completely unfounded. It appeared however that even the slightest mistake (insignificant under normal circumstances) has been escalated by the administration to a serious legal hurdle, and as result, citizenship has been denied.

We always recommend all our potential customers to seek professional support and to contact us before they start their application. If you have already applied however, and have now been rejected, contact us immediately. We might be able to help you, even in the most hopeless cases.


  1. i want to immigrate to Bulgaria so i need you services.

    1. Author

      Please contact our offices for assistance.

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