Today is the first day when the citizens of the UK will be treated as “third country” nationals in the EU. No more living rights, no right to work, not right to stay longer than three months.

Huge demand for Bulgarian residence permits and citizenship

Brits demand freedom, freedom to settle in the EU, freedom to travel unrestricted. And this can be only accomplished by obtaining EU citizenship, or at least EU residence rights.

Starting from next Monday, 04.01.2021, we are organizing a dedicated department that will be dealing exclusively with residence permits in Bulgaria for Brits after the Brexit.

Similar department exists also for Brits who want to obtain Bulgarian (EU) citizenship.

For any additional assistance or Brexit related question, please contact us at your earliest convenience.


  1. do i havethe same rights as a national if i hold ministry of interia residency permit article 50 teu Bulgaria?
    I am asking this because I wish to go hunting with my Bulgarian friends.
    I have a 10 year residency card and live in Bulgaria. But it does not say the word “perminant” on it.
    My Bulgarian friend was allowed to buy the rifle but I was not. I live in Bulgaria and own a Bulgarian company. Should I have the same rights as a Bulgarian?

    1. Author

      Hi Norman,
      The short answer is no, you don’t have the same rights as Bulgarians. Please bear in mind that as British, even though you hold residence card issued when UK was in EU, you now don’t even have the rights that other EU citizens have, let alone local Bulgarians.
      On another note, depending on your actual residence status and other things, you may be eligible for Bulgarian citizenship. Don’t expect however the procedure to be neither cheap nor easy.
      Best regards,

      1. The thing is the article 50 teu residence permit valid for 10 years has the word ‘permanent’ on it written in Bulgarian.

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