In the last months of 2021, we are receiving more and more distressed calls from the main detention centers in Bulgaria – Busmantsi and Ljubimets. All these calls are about illegal foreigners, who have been detained there. Most of the detainees are due for extradition to their home countries.

Bulgarian family members – also hit by the regulations

Not surprisingly, many of the detained foreigners have Bulgarian families (ie wife and children). In this way, by detaining the foreign citizen, the Bulgarian authorities are violating the rights of the Bulgarian family members as well. The question that comes to mind is “is this legal”? Can the immigration authorities detain family member of Bulgarian citizen, keep him under custody and then eventually extradite him to his home country?

The harsh reality

Unfortunately, the answer is “YES”. The authorities can detain and extradite any foreigner, even member of Bulgarian family. Luckily however, there are certain legal mechanism foreseen that may prevent them from doing that.

If you (or your family member) have been detained in Busmantsi or Ljubimets

Detention is the most serious step before the extradition. If an illegal foreigner has been detained, chances are it may already be “too late”. Unless of course you act fast and professionally to appeal the detention and the preparation for the extradition. We urge you strongly to contact us without any delay in order to assist you to rectify your legal status in Bulgaria and to avoid extradition, at all cost.

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