The European (EU) values – scattered to pieces in Bulgaria

Yesterday, 20.09.2021, one Bulgarian family was practically destroyed by the heartless Bulgarian authorities. Empathy is what makes us humans. But we saw no empathy among the institutions involved. What we have experienced yesterday is only to be compared with some scenes from the Schindler’s list movie. Shame!

Yesterday, one Bulgarian baby was left without a father. One Bulgarian mother was left without a husband! And today, we don’t even know where their beloved is. What we saw was a man in shackles, drugged against his will and taken out of the country, while his wife was crawling on the floor in tears. A man who has committed no crime! No other crime than being a foreigner…

At this point, we have no clue where he was taken to. Nobody cared to tell us or his wife, where her husband was sent to!

extradited from Bulgaria to Nigeria

The legal battle continues

Nothing will stop us from fighting to reunite the broken family again. The bill will be paid later, by all of us, the Bulgarian people. This will be after the final ruling in Strasbourg. But the tragedy is already here… for one Bulgarian family and one innocent little baby, that will soon to be only six months old…

As with the War of Gergana’s case, we will stand next to the mother, her baby and the father.

No matter what, even the deaf will hear about the injustice done!

Please stay tuned for more news coming soon! To be continued…

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