RCBI* stands for Residence and Citizenship by Investment 

In an article by Salman Siddiqui at the prestigious Uglobal platform, Alexander Dobrinov gave his professional opinion on the outlook of the Bulgarian and the EU RCBI legal framework in 2022.

Predictability in the Bulgarian legislation

The residence and citizenship legislation in Bulgaria is far from stable in recent years. But it still looks hard solid if compared to other European countries (ie Cyprus). What will happen in 2022 is still unknown. Bulgaria had three parliamentary elections this year, before it could form a government. So far, the new council of ministers, led by PM Mr Kiril Petkov, looks very promising and business orientated.

I believe the most important is to have predictable and stable legislation and more support from the Bulgarian government

Alexander Dobrinov

Prices for RCBI services to increase further in 2022

According to Mr Dobrinov, the lack of alternatives in the EU will drive the prices higher in 2022. The loose monetary policies by the big central banks and the (negative) interest rates are another major factors that will shape the RCBI market.

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