Feedback and refund extortion – how to fight it successfully?

How many times you have been threatened with something like:

If you don’t refund my money, I will name and shame you on the internet!

Well, now you have many more options than before. Please read on to see what you can to to tame the extortionists.

More and more foreigners (non-EU nationals) are trying to take advantage of the European hospitality. Unfortunately some of them are not abiding by the good moral and practices. There are some “rotten apples” that try to extort Bulgarian and EU companies and individuals by threatening to leave negative online reviews.

The solution

Luckily, the Bulgarian and the EU citizens now have the option to protect their rights extremely effectively. The consequences for the non-EU feedback and refund extortionists can be:

  1. Ban to enter Bulgaria and visa denial;
  2. Ban to enter the Schengen area;
  3. Penal responsibility and lengthy jail terms (extradition to serve the sentence too).

You can read more about the services of VD&A and how to protect yourself and not become victim of feedback and refund extortion.


  1. Hallo,
    I have bulgarian origin and on that ground I obtaind Bulgarian permanet residence card, and now I want to get long-term residence-EU card.
    Is it possible for me, how long time is the procedure and what documents I need to get this card? Also how much money it will cost?
    I am waiting for your answer.

    1. Author

      It all depends on how long have you physically resided in Bulgaria. On another node, if you are of Bulgarian origin, you should consider obtaining Bulgarian citizenship rather than fighting the red tape with residence cards.

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