More and more Turkish citizens looking back to their Bulgarian roots

The almost 500 years common history of Bulgaria and Turkey can’t be forfeited. As we say in Bulgaria, “one can’t make water out of blood“. And now that Bulgaria is part of the EU, many Turkish citizens are looking back to their Bulgarian roots, with the hope to get Bulgarian citizenship and passport.

We don’t think it is only the freedom of worldwide travel and settling anywhere in the EU that drives the huge interest from Turkey. We believe it is also the common blood of our two nations that plays its role.

Turkey flag

For our Turkish readers

With the valuable help of Mr Deha Bahcuvan, we are proud to have our article “Bulgarian citizenship by origin” translated into Turkish language. For more information, we urge all our Turkish readers to read thoroughly Kökeniniz üzerinden Bulgar vatandaşlığı.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information you might require.

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