American citizens have always been interested to obtain EU citizenship (but now the interest goes exponential)

We and our citizenship by investment wing are experiencing an unprecedented interest from citizens of the USA about the revamped CIP. The amount of enquiries is such that we are considering opening a dedicated US telephone landline to exclusively handle these applications.

For the time being, we kindly ask all customers from the USA to fill in the preliminary information form prior to contacting us. We will respond in all cases of course, but with the preliminary information, we will be able to provide much faster service.

Why are the Americans looking to get EU citizenship

Money is printed much faster than passports are…

quoting one of our US clients

And that holds true. The western economies are pumping money with the speed of a runaway train. President Biden is thinking of tax hike, although the Fed is printing more and more money. The paychecks still do the job, but for how long.

The wealthy Americans obviously need backup plan. And what could be better for them than the option to reside in any EU country – all with a single Bulgarian passport.

Currently, US passport holders can travel to the EU visa-free and stay as tourists for up-to 3 months. Once these 3 months are over, they have to leave. This is quite convenient for tourism, but is a no-go for those who want to settle down in Europe. Americans who own EU real estate for example, need to have the comfort of living in their premises without any restrictions. And obviously, this is not possible with their US passport.

At the same time, having Bulgarian citizenship, makes a whole of a difference. With Bulgarian passport one can live in any EU member state, including Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.

Golden Visa vs Golden Passport

After Bulgaria became the only EU country to offer true citizenship by investment program (AKA Golden Passport), many international agents restructured their marketing practices and are now trying to promote the so called Golden Visa programs. A prime example is the residence program of Portugal. The thing is that Americans, more than any other nation, realize what huge difference there is between Golden Visa and Golden Passport. So they want the real thing – EU citizenship. And logically, they pass on any temporary solutions, such as permanent residence programs. The Americans realize perfectly that a residence is quite different from citizenship. They realize how uncertain and fragile the future of any legal alien is, compared to full EU citizen.

Why is the revamped Bulgarian citizenship program such a hit in the USA

Simply, because there were too many rumors in the past two years, that the Bulgarian CIP will be cancelled. That’s why many Americans were staying at the sideline, waiting to see what will happen. And their patience is now rewarded. The Bulgarian fast-track citizenship is better than ever and most importantly – sustainable and here to stay.

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