Flash news: Today the Bulgarian government extended the emergency covid state until 31.08.2021.

In the meantime, we get more and more enquiries from foreigners in Bulgaria who are married with Bulgarian nationals. These foreigners have arrived in Bulgaria either visa-free (ie Americans, British, Canadians, etc.) or with a tourist visa type C. They all want to know whether it is possible to extend their legal stay or even better, to obtain residence permit without visa D.

Getting visa extension (or extension of the visa free allowed stay)

Under the covid emergency state, it is possible to extend the visa-free stay or the visa C of a foreigner who is already in Bulgaria. The procedure is complicated and the authorities often reject such requests, if not done 101% by the book. In some cities, the immigration authorities are far more likely to honor such requests, while in other regions, the mission is close to impossible.

Please be sure to have your visa or visa-free allowed stay extended on time. Failure to do so may result in serious consequences, such as ban to enter Bulgaria.

Obtaining residence permit without visa D during the covid emergency state

If you have legitimate reason to obtain residence permit, such as if you are married with Bulgarian citizen, it is possible to obtain residence permit without visa D (during the covid emergency state). As in the previous topic, the procedure is complicated and you should be prepared to “fights hard for your rights” with the immigration authorities.

If you want to maximize your chances for approval, we recommend you to contact us for professional assistance.


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